It is an Elettrotec product, not a fake!

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It is an Elettrotec product, not a fake!

For 40 years our company offers to its business partners, solutions for fluids, producing and selling high quality sensors.

Our production has always been made in Italy, for this reason we brand our products with the lettering “Made in Italy”.

But there is something new!

Since 2014 our company uses an advance technology, the Quick Response Code, to oppose false products on market.

Every Elettrotec product is branded in different way and the QR contains production’s data of every product. This method allows traceability of the production lot.

To decode the QR you just need to download on your smartphone a proper App. When the square is scanned, a serial number will appear on your screen.

This technology can be useful in case of after sales service too because, through the code, the staff is able to trace the specific production information of every specific lot, so technical responses can be given as exhaustively as possible.

Buy any Elettrotec product means to use a Made in Italy product which means, Research, Innovation, High Constructive Standards, Guarantee of an Original Product and Trust in an Italian Company that has been on the Solution for Fluid Market for more than 40 years.