VS – Adjustable vacuum switches with SPDT contacts


VS – Adjustable vacuum switches with SPDT contacts

Technical document

  Switch rating 6(2)A / 250Vac 24Vdc / 2(1)A
  Electrical connection  Push-on terminals 6,3x0,8
  Adjustment range  -200…-500 mabr; -500...-900 mbar
  Max static pressure  20 bar
  Hysteresis  Max 100 mbar
  Operating temperature  -25°C a +140°C (according to diaphragm material)
  Contact (without pressure)  SPDT
  Body material  Brass (standard) 316 Stainless Steel (on request)
  Diaphragm  NBR (standard) – HNBR – FKM – Silicone
  Threads  Parallel: G1/8” – G1/4”
  Protection  IP00 (terminals) IP65 (with CAP13) IP54 (with CAP16)
  Mechanical life  106 operations
  Size  Body 24 AF Max height 71 mm
  Certifications and Approvals  CE
  Options  Set-point adjustment rising – Set-point adjustment falling – Gold contacts

Protection Caps

Protection: IP65
Cable clamp: PG07 or PG09
Material: Nylon - Pocan

Protection: IP54
Material: NBR