Invest in R&D in order to steadily evolve and improve

R&D of new products has always played a very important role with reference to Elettrotec's strategy. All steps carried out during the design and test phases take place entirely within the company, according to the strict procedures fixed by the Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Only specific equipment belonging to Elettrotec is used.

Each product prototype is carefully checked according to strict environmental compatibility as well as electromagnetic criteria. Furthermore, specific tests concerning the different certifications for the products' approval are carried out.

A climatic chamber, electric counters, process simulators, tools for measuring the physical dimension on the data acquisition system based on a software produced by Elettrotec, specific checks for calibration guarantee the best possible quality standard.

Each product realized by Elettrotec is the result of experience as well as accurate controls; this means, a real guarantee of Elettrotec's reliable tradition.